Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to replace your hardrive

What you will need:
A micro screwdriver
A new hard drive

Step 1:
Backup the old hard drive and save files you want to transfer to the new one.

Step 2:
Turn off the computer and unplug the external cables, including the power cable.

Step 3:
Remove the housing and unplug the ribbon cable, also known as the multi-wire planar cable, and the power cable from the old hard drive.

Step 4:
Use a micro screwdriver to remove the screws holding the hard drive in place, and then gently slip it out.

Step 5:
Secure the new hard drive in place with the original screws and then reattach the ribbon and power cables.

Step 6:
Put the housing back on, reattach the external cables, and then restart the computer.

Step 7:
Reinstall or upgrade your operating system and then copy your backed up programs and files to the new drive.


just what I needed to show my cousin. thank you!

Good post, my drive is making noises, so I'm gonna have to do this soon...

Cool, this is what some of my friends needed instead of asking me replacing their hdd!

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