Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to shake hands

This is my first how to. I know it is a simple thing but if it done wrong it might affect your interaction with people.

The Handshake

Step one: Make sure your hand are dry.Nobody wants to shake wet hands .

Step Two: Have right hand as shown in the picture.

Step Three: Have a strong grip with your fingers under the receiving palm .

Step four: Three to two vigorous shakes for two to three seconds. 

Step Five: Eye contact and an appropriate smile throughout

Congratulation You can now shake hands!  

Please leave a comment saying: How to <whatever you want>.And maybe that could be my next How to.


haha i know how to shake hands but i enjoyed going thru this post! thanks for the share ill be checkin' up

thanks for sharing, this will come in handy when I froga fruben stial kruga memos isen no?

lol, cant say i learned anything new today, but definitely looking forward to more posts in the future.

Nice, entertaining and enlightening tutorial!

Thanks you Sir!

Haha, nice tutorial. Now I'm going to put my new learned skills to practice.

After several years I learned how to do

Pretty simple and yet pretty important... A good handshake tells a lot of someone

Oh my god I HATE kids with sweaty hands, great post lol :P.

I love this post! I wish I had read this before my interviews.. haha

So Simple, the posture is important too.

I'm definitely going to try it. Followed

haha, not sure if your trying to be funny, but this is funny.

Hehe, nice tutorial. Now i know how to shake hands :)

I shall do the opposite of this guide just to see the results :)

incredible this is just incredible!

Most people don't know how to shake hands any more they just stick a limp hand out there.

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